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Zerowarts OxyFend® is Fast, easy to use and has no harmful side effects.

Many genital warts cream products cause rashes, itching, redness, irritation, and may even leave behind unsightly scars. That isn’t the case with Zerowarts Oxy-Fend. No antibiotics are used as ingredients so there are none of the typical antibiotic reactions that slow the healing processes of some other creams on the market.

By using Zerowarts OxyFend, customers will be able to quickly and discreetly treat their HPV and genital warts symptoms, get rid of virtually any type of wart, warts on face, and treat cold sores and syringoma…all without any side effects! Unlike other genital wart removal creams, which only include one antiviral at most, Zerowarts OxyFend includes a multitude of antivirals that work together to create a hostile environment for the viruses that cause HPV, genital herpes, and cold sores.

Viruses such as the one that causes HPV are anaerobic, and will not be able to reproduce when the level of oxygen in the blood is too high. Powerful antiviral ingredients such as L-Lysine, Manuka Oil, and Birch Oil are also combined with green tea catechins and the healing power of ozone to form a powerful natural genital wart removal cream. Normally, you would need a prescription to purchase a product that included so many of these ingredients, but because Zerowarts OxyFend has no side effects, it is available to everyone without a prescription.

Effective and Fast Action Natural Ingredients Mean No Side Effects…

Our bio-oxidized oil is produced by bubbling Hidrogen Peroxyde through oil for at least three weeks, resulting in a light paste. We then add Manuka Oil, Vitamins A and E, Aloe Vera, Birch Oil, L-lysine and now our new advanced formula containing Green Tea Catechins.


Strong Scientific Research

Effective treatment to combat all types of HPV symptoms and herpes symptoms like genital herpes, shingle, genital warts and vaginal warts. Also great against most herpes symptoms especially Genital Herpes and Adult Shingles. You may find several spelling variations of genital warts online…such as genetal warts and gential warts. This is not a problem, although you need to be sure that these search phrases advise you on the best treatment possible. Oxyfend is not a home remedy for warts, it is a powerful wart treatment that attacks what causes warts, not just the symptoms.


Genital Warts and Genital Herpes – Facts You Should Know About

Genital Herpes and Genital Warts (also referred as venereal warts or condyloma acuminate) are known as some of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. Journals in medical science have referred to this infection as a contagious growth of warts, which develop in the areas of the genitals and the rectum.

It is common for people with this infection to notice an overgrowth of fibrous material, usually covered by a thick level of epithelium (outer skin cells) which shows koilocytosis (cellular changes) because of sexually contracting the human papillomavirus. The infection is generally benign but malignant conditions have been reported with some strains of the virus.

Genital herpes is an infection affecting individuals in the anal and genital areas and also includes the mucous membrane of the vagina. Once infected, the cervix and the inner rectum can also get affected by this problem.

Children can also get affected with venereal warts. There was a belief earlier that children with warts in the genital and anal areas could have been victims of child abuse. However, studies have proven this may not really be the case, and the reasons for the infections could be entirely different.

For instance, the venereal wart virus can live on discarded or shed skin cells. If a child comes in contact with these cast off cells, the virus can implant itself.

Risk Factors That Are Associated with Genital Warts

Ignorance about the infection is perhaps one of the main reasons why higher numbers of individuals are today infected with genital warts/herpes. Individuals who follow simple rules of prevention will not become prone to this infection.

These are the risk factors you should know about:

  • Sex with partners without understanding their sexual history
  • Being foolish enough to have unprotected sex with single or multiple partners
  • Starting sexual activity at an early age
  • Stress – Stress induced HIV and herpes are known to cause or exacerbate genital wart infection.

Genital Warts/Herpes Are Not without Their Complications

It would be wrong for individuals to assume that genital warts are merely an easily treated external infection. Studies are available showing there are complications which could and do arise if individuals do not obtain proper treatment. These complications can affect both men and women, and therefore it is essential to take proper action the moment this infection is noticed.

The HPV and the HSV virus have been associated with cancer of the cervix, the anus, penis and the vulva. However, not all strains of the HPV virus will lead to cancer of the cervix. Here again individuals will do well in taking preventive measures and ensure that they do not fall prey to an infection which could make life difficult for them.

One problem associated only with women infected with genital herpes or genital warts is pregnancy. Studies have revealed women have issues with passing urine when infected by genital warts. These genital warts could also contract or scar the vaginal wall which may give rise to complications during childbirth. The woman infected could also pass on the infection to the newborn child – with warts being noticed in the infant’s throat and mouth.

Understanding these complications could perhaps make people aware of the problems and encourage them into contacting a healthcare provider when infected by genital warts/herpes.


Diagnosis of genital herpes and warts

Healthcare providers have devised ways by which they can diagnose this condition. It is common knowledge genital warts/herpes exists in the vulva, the vagina, cervix, upper thighs and on the external and internal parts of the anus. Except for the vagina and cervix, men can get these warts on similar parts of their body, as well as their penis and scrotum.

Individuals indulging in oral sex without protection can develop warts in their mouth and the throat. It is extremely important for all people who may suspect an infection of this condition to get themselves examined by a healthcare professional.

If these mouth and throat warts grow big enough, they can interfere with swallowing or even cause breathing issues.

Healthcare professionals are well versed at diagnosing such conditions. An examination of the genital area will be carried out, and should include looking at the internal structures of the individual. In some cases, healthcare professionals may also suggest a biopsy to be carried out to understand the depth or severity of the infection.

Individuals who approach a healthcare professional for advice on such matters may be asked to return at a later date even if no symptoms or signs of genital warts/herpes are seen during the first examination. Since the virus is slow to manifest itself, it can very well pass undetected under the initial screening.

Factors Determining the Treatment of Genital Warts and Herpes

There are three methods which healthcare professionals employ when treating such conditions. These are:

  • The location of the infection
  • The number of warts, and
  • The kind of appearance they display (what they look like).

Depending upon these factors, the best type of treatment will be advised. Treatments generally aim to physically remove and then suppress the viruses present in the body of the infected person – under the belief that any “leftovers” will be taken care of by the immune system. It is widely accepted the human papillomavirus has a tendency of recurring, and is difficult (if not impossible) to totally eradicate.

Standard treatments include topical creams, cryotherapy, surgery and even laser treatment. However, none of the above can rid the infected individual of the HPV virus entirely. The virus embeds itself deep with the host’s DNA – making total elimination all but impossible.

Infected individuals will have to look for a product or solution that can keep these genital warts in permanent remission – and themselves free from the disquieting and ugly eruptions, lesions and outbreaks these warts engender.

What Treatment Should Individuals with Genital Warts Use?

No matter how a person gets the genital warts, there are practical and intelligent solutions. Treatment for genital warts is not difficult to find, and the only caution to exercise is looking for a product with the PROPER & TESTED INGREDIENTS required to effectively help eliminate symptoms of the human papillomavirus and their resultant warts. Conducting due-diligence research and gathering information can lead them to products that truly work, and are not merely snake-oil come-ons.

One proven product is OxyFend® – known to provide guaranteed results and immediate relief for people infected by genital warts. It is also safe and easy to use and most importantly – discreet to order.

OxyFend®has been clinically tested, and the ingredients approved by the FDA. Moreover, OxyFend® finds itself among the RX list of doctors who do not hesitate to recommend the product. People infected by genital warts will do well to consider this product.

OxyFend® is 100% natural and can be purchased without a prescription. Many sources claim that over-the-counter medications and preparations are unsuitable for addressing the problem of genital warts.OxyFend® is one product which is proving this theory wrong.

OxyFend®’s manufacturers have evidence clearly showing the product is potent enough to not only treat genital warts from the exterior – but also act against the human papillomavirus itself dwelling deep with the infected person’s tissues.

OxyFend® penetrates deep within the infected skin areas and eliminates the symptoms of genital warts/herpes in its entirety. This is one of the key reasons why thousands of individuals who suffer from genital warts have turned to OxyFend® for relief.

Yes, the problem of genital warts exists worldwide with studies proving that over 50% of all sexually active individuals could be infected. But genital warts can be effectively handled – one must only look for the right solution.

With products like OxyFend®, people with genital warts have a new sense of hope, giving them freedom from their struggles with this all too pervasive infection.

People only have to understand the facts – and that it is crucially important to begin addressing these genital warts immediately after the symptoms are noticed, because this will help them overcome the infection faster.

The longer one waits, the worse the problem. Remember, there is always the option of going under a doctor’s care if the warts are severe. But trying OxyFend® first can greatly help in eliminating that route, along with the warts!

What is a wart and What Causes Warts: All warts are caused by the HPV virus known as the Human Papillomavirus especially the strands 6 and 11 and

OxyFend® has been proven highly effective in reducing the effects of HPV.

What Causes Shingles: Shingle is a colloquial name for herpes zoster and another name for the same viral infection is chicken pox which is caused by the HPS virus.This virus is very similar to HPV, reason why OxyFend® is efective against adult shingle, or herpes zoster. Is shingles contagious? YES, extremelly and also very painful in adults. OxyFend® helps to sooth outbreaks in adults quickly.

Based on the culmination of breakthrough scientific research we have developed, tried and tested our treatment…

  • Effective Fast Treatment…
  • Easy to Use and Gentle on Skin…
  • No Pain, rash or burning sensation…
  • Affordable and Long Lasting Results

No Antibiotics

Does NOT include antibiotics, thus avoiding the consequences from their overuse.

Discreet And As Comfortable As Applying Moisturizer!

By using the strongest of natural antiviral ingredients on the market and infusing them with oxygen we have created an effective and powerful treatment. This cream creates an oxygen rich environment in which anaerobic organisms struggle to survive.

Understanding Genital Warts, Genital herpes, Shingles and the Treatments Associated to the Infections

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has defined that over 90% of warts genital are caused by the strains which have been identified as six and 11. The report published by the CDC also mentions that the strains which are identified as 16, 18, 31, 33 and 35 are also found in genital warts that are visible but are usually a co-infection among people who could be infected by the HIV virus. They are generally flat, papular of pedunculated growths in the genital mucosa which can be painful or pruritic. People get infected by the HPV or HPS virus because of a number of reasons, which include but are not limited to sex with multiple partners, sexual activity at a young age and having sex with unknown partners.

It is important for all people affected by the HPV virus to understand certain things, which could possibly help them stay away from the discomfort which is associated. Mentioned below are some of the points, which can prove helpful to people with these conditions.

It is very well known that genital HPV is extremely common. The HPV strain is passed from one individual to another during sexual intercourse, which can include vaginal, anal or oral sex.

Sexually active adults at some time in their lives will come into contact this infection. Unfortunately, the HPV virus does not display any signs and therefore people infected could remain oblivious about the virus having infected their body.

While the HPV virus has in some cases, a tendency to clear spontaneously without the need of any kind of treatment’s cases where the infection has developed into genital warts/herpes, precancers and cancer have also been noticed.

There is a difference between the HPV which causes genital warts and the strain which can cause in anogenital cancer.

At any given time two partners having consensual sex with one having been affected is a surefire sign that the other will also be infected soon. The signs may not be visible, but the infection would definitely have spread to the other partner.

The HPV virus does not stop women from carrying a pregnancy to its term despite the problems which may be associated during childbirth.

Men using condoms during sexual intercourse can reduce the chance of contacting the HPV virus but must understand that some areas of the penis which are exposed during the act could still become affected. It is for this reason that abstinence from sexual activity with multiple partners has been suggested by experts.

Individuals already infected genital warts, genital herpes and adult shingle will do well to follow the suggestions mentioned below because it will help them understand how to deal with this issue without major problems.

Individuals will do well to know that genital warts are not at all life-threatening. Genital warts are likely to go away especially when treated with natural based treatments which have long lasting effects. It is only in rare cases that genital warts ultimately turned into cancer.

Trying to determine the time when a person could have been infected with the virus is difficult. It is therefore, difficult to understand whether one individual is transferring the virus to another even though no signs of genital warts could be visible.

No information is available to show about how long a person who is infected and treated could still be carrying the HPV virus. Informing sexual partners about a previous incidence of genital warts is no guarantee that the virus will not spread. However, it has been suggested that sexual partners exchange information about such infections because they could be exposing themselves to an exchange of the virus. Abstinence from sexual activity is perhaps a better option among people who have been infected by the HPV virus.

Incidences where genital warts have reappeared within three months of being treated are common to notice.

It is strongly recommended that when one partner is infected with genital warts, both partners will benefit from getting tested for STDs.

Vaccines are certainly available for men in the age group of 9 to 26, which can provide some PREVENTIVE protection from the HPV virus with specific mention being made to the strains six and 11.

Individuals infected by genital warts/herpes will do well to keep the information mentioned above in mind because it could help them take precautionary measures, which could keep them away from such issues altogether. However, those that have already been infected have other measures which they will have two take in order to eradicate the virus from their body. Let us look at some of the traditional and non-traditional methods, which are today being used.

People with such infections generally take advice from a healthcare professional which is a common practice. The medications provided certainly act against the warts that may have appeared in the genital areas of the affected individual. Medical practitioners make it clear that any treatment provided will only ensure the eradication of the warts while the HPV virus may still remain within the body of the individual.

The type of treatment which is administered can vary from one person to another. It is the experience of the healthcare professional along with the kind of infection diagnosed, which will determine the type of treatment that can be used. Therefore, no two individuals can expect to receive the same treatment or find similar relief from the problem they face. Under the circumstances what options can people with genital warts or herpes think about choosing?

In the first place people with such infections should consider conducting some research about their condition and the different types of treatments, which are available. This will give them an insight into the type of treatment they should choose for themselves along with the costs which will be involved. Quite a few people are fearful about spending large amounts of money without really understanding whether they can overcome this infection or not. Others could merely be hoping that the immune system of the body will take care of the virus and ignore the infection altogether. This is the reason why people should make an attempt to understand their condition and the actions, they should take to keep themselves free from the infection.

The information which people look for when leads them towards medications, which are commonly prescribed by healthcare professionals. Some of these medications can be used from the comfort of their home while others will have to be administered by the healthcare provider. In either case, the costs are likely to be high, which will leave people worried. At the same time, people can rest assured that while the warts would have been treated the virus would continue to remain in their body.

In such cases, people will do well to look out for a product which can, not only eradicate the warts but can also eliminate the HPV virus completely. It is believed that no product exists in the market which can act simultaneously to provide infected people with the relief they seek. This, however, is not a fact because a product which is fast gaining popularity under the brand-name OxyFend is gaining prominence among people who have been victims of the HPV virus.


What Are the Benefits When Choosing OxyFend® As a Treatment for Genital Warts?

Perhaps the biggest advantage which users of this product have lies in the fact that the product is safe and easy to use. This is a product which has been manufactured by using natural substances such as hydrogen peroxide, green tea Catechins, and L Lysine as active ingredients. Information is generally available that genital warts/herpes has no cure, and the virus tends to bounce back after a short period of time. OxyFend®  is a product which can fight the symptoms of this condition and also assist the immune system of the body to fight future outbreaks of the infection. With the regular use of OxyFend® , people with genital warts/herpes will soon realize that their body is slowly but surely spacing up the outbreaks and making them immune from the infection. This is an excellent product for genital warts and genital herpes, which can be used from the comfort of the home.

Individuals infected by this problem do not have to be embarrassed when looking forward to purchasing OxyFend®. The manufacturers have ensured that they deliver all orders discreetly and most of all, do so with a guarantee of satisfaction. People who are not satisfied with the product or do not feel comfortable after using it can contact the manufacturers for a full refund of their order. OxyFend®  is a product which is safe and easy to use and requires no prescriptions from a medical practitioner. The sum total of all ingredients in this product makes it easy for people with genital warts to use the same, safe with the knowledge that they will soon be eradicating the problem of genital warts from their body. Thousands of people are today using the product and are reporting satisfactory results and there is no reason why others suffering from genital warts/herpes should be staying away either.

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