How it Works

By incorporating oxygen therapy, OxyFend® has more potent wart removal properties and is a more effective genital warts and herpes treatment than other products. 

Most genital wart removal creams and HPV treatment products only contain one antiviral, but Zerowarts OxyFend combines the powers of Manuka Oil, Birch Oil, and L-Lysine with the powerful antioxidant and antiviral properties of oxygen and green tea catechins. Manuka Oil has been proven effective against 39 different microorganisms in laboratory tests, and L-Lysine inhibits growth of genital herpes viruses.

This creates such a hostile environment for viruses that they can no longer reproduce, but leaves healthy cells perfectly intact. These ingredients alone can only be found in expensive prescription medicines, but now customers can have them all in one convenient natural genital warts treatment.

OxyFend® Fast, Easy To Use With No Harmful Side Effects


Did you know many genital warts products cause rashes, itching, redness, irritation, and may even leave behind unsightly scars?

It’s true. If the product contains caustic acids (such as salicylic acid) or other skin irritants, not only do you have to put up with the warts or herpes sores, but the pain and possible disfigurement of trying to eliminate them.

In addition, many commercial preparations use antibiotics or antibiotic crèmes in their formulation. While this may sound perfectly reasonable, the fact of the matter is this:

Antibiotics won’t and can’t do a thing in addressing the root causes of your warts or herpes outbreaks – the actual viruses themselves. Antibiotics simply don’t work on viral infections, including genital warts, herpes sores or shingles. 

OxyFend® – Works Directly On The Virus

To be effective, an anti-wart formulation must have anti-viral agents, along with other skin healing ingredients.

That’s why Zerowarts is superior – containing 5 different yet powerful anti-viral agents, all working synergistically to subdue the viruses causing HPV, genital herpes, cold sores and shingles.

Combined with our other all-natural healing botanicals and bio-nutrients, Zerowarts will help rid you of virtually any type of wart: Genital warts, facial warts, anal warts, as well as treating cold and canker sores and those painful shingle outbreaks – all without any side effects!


Little Known Fact About The HPV and HSV Viruses

Here’s something most any other company won’t tell you… it’s all but impossible to totally destroy the HPV and HSV viral strains that cause genital warts or herpes outbreaks.

Once infected, these viruses become imbedded deep within the actual nerves – becoming part of the body itself. In order to be effective, the anti-virals must cause the HPV and HSV strains to become dormant – which not only eliminates the outbreaks, but greatly reduces the risk of infecting others.

Even vaccines (such as Gardasil) will do nothing if you are already infected.


What OxyFend® Will Not Do 

We want you to be fully informed when using our product. While Zerowarts will help eliminate those unsightly, troublesome genital and anal warts, get rid of the herpes cold and canker sores and painful shingles, it will not destroy the actual viruses.

There is currently no medicine or treatment available – prescription or not – that can eradicate the virus once it takes hold in your body. Any product or company claiming otherwise is simply not telling you the truth.

So beware of false and misleading claims to the contrary.


Gets Rid Of Warts & Sores – With No Complications 

OxyFend® is 100% natural and pure – there are absolutely no dangerous drugs or chemicals used in our proprietary formulation.

The last thing you need when addressing your wart or herpes outbreaks are more skin problems!

OxyFend® soothes and nourishes the skin, while vigorously attacking the warts and herpes sores causing your distress. Just apply as directed, (it’s super easy!) and then let OxyFend® go to work.

Itching or pain will vanish, most times within 24 hours – or less. In fact, most of our customers experience immediate relief from these unpleasant sensations!

Then, as the viral-hunting agents are absorbed deep within the infected areas, you’ll begin to notice substantial changes in the genital warts and herpes sores. They will dramatically reduce in size, and in the case of warts – will darken, dry out and then just peel or fall off.


What’s left will be blemish-free skin, perfectly natural looking and feeling!

OxyFend® tried and tested advantages:

  • Effective Fast Treatment…
  • Easy to Use and Gentle on the Skin…
  • Quickly Reduces and then Eliminates Warts and Herpes Outbreaks…
  • No Pain, Rashes or Burning Sensations…
  • Long Lasting Results…
  • No Doctor’s Prescription Needed...and Affordable!

        Try OxyFend® Today 

        Try Zerowarts for yourself. Put it to the only test that truly counts:

        Eliminating YOUR genital warts or herpes outbreak symptoms.

        If you aren’t completely and fully satisfied with the results, we’ll refund your entire purchase price. All we ask is that you give OxyFend® an honest try. Fair enough?

        OxyFend®… works with your body, not against it!

        Your privacy is paramount to us! Please note all orders are discreetly shipped in plain, unmarked packaging. No one will know what’s inside your OxyFend® parcel.

        Potent and FAST Genital Warts Treatment

        While most creams contain one antiviral ingredient… our genital warts wart treatment contains SEVERAL! Simply compare our ingredients to others. You can read more about them on our site. What we have done is chosen the most powerful and effective ingredients on the market. Don’t trust home remedies for genital warts….The HPV virus and the HSV Herpes virus react on similar ways when exposed to Zerowarts making our product a successfull natural treatment for herpes simplex and genital herpes symptoms.

        BUT we felt that even this wasn’t enough… 

        So we added Hidrogen Peroxyde to the cream. This raises the level of oxygen in the cream making it deadly to viruses, bacteria and fungus. This effect is caused by the fact that HPV viruses are anaerobic…which basically means that when their environment becomes oxygen saturated they cannot multiply and quickly die.


        The Power of Oxygen Therapy For Effective Wart Removal

        In the blood, oxygen destroys toxins, debris and organic rubble which is then carried out by the system. Oxygen rich blood (within limits) is like a fortress against viruses, bacteria and fungi. In fact, raising the levels of oxygen in the environment of bacteria, viruses and fungi causes them to die. Oxygen attacks what causes herpes and warts not just the symptoms. As an example, since the WW1, Oxygen Peroxyde (H2O2) is used in hospitals all over the world on wounds and post cirurgical procedures..

        Unlike drugs and antibiotics which may and usually kill all bacteria in the body, oxygen kills only harmful bacteria while allowing beneficial bacteria to thrive thus insuring good health. Oxygen molecules, like those found in stabilized oxygen supplements, are missing electrons in each of the molecules’ outer shells.

        Because of this, the oxygen molecules will pull electrons from anything that will give them up. Anaerobic bacteria and anaerobic viruses, (as do all living things) possess an electrical charge. These anaerobic organisms cannot prevent the oxygen molecule from stealing electrons from them. As soon as this process occurs, the organisms die.

        Aerobic beneficial bacteria will not give up their electrons to the oxygen molecules. Neither will beneficial bacteria which live under both anaerobic and aerobic conditions, like in the intestines, be adversely affected by oxygen.

        In fact, these organisms are actually stimulated in the presence of oxygen. That is why our genital warts treatment cream is so effective. It kills the harmful organisms but stimulates the healthy skin cells producing a faster regenerative process.


        Our bio-oxidative cream is a combination of powerful anti-viral agents in an oxygen infused salve; Ozone, High Grade Manuka Oil, Birch Oil, Lysine and now our new formula contains Green Tea Catechins and Aloe Vera !


        • Oxygen and Lysine kills diseased or dying cells by disrupting/destroying their cell membranes…
        • Oxygen stimulates collagen production…
        • Oxygen activates the cells used by the body in tissue regeneration…
        • Oxygen enhances circulation to the genital herpes or genital warts affected area – No more unsightly scars!
        • Manuka Oil has been shown to be effective in laboratory tests against 39 separate micro-organisms…
        • Lysine is most known for its use in the relief of cold sores and herpes viruses. It inhibits the growth of these viruses and aids immune system function…
        • Green Tea Catechins These polyphenolic substances are antioxidants. EGCG appears to be the most potent antioxidant of all the Green Tea Catechins, the Catechins are proven to increase antioxidants activity in the blood… 


          What makes OxyFend® Formula so Unique? 

          Our New Formula has been strengthened with 13% concentration of Green Tea Catechins making it an even more effective HPV Treatment. Recent studies show that Catechins alone are highly effective in wart removal, clearing away venereal warts, genital herpes – genital warts. Read the latest below and follow the link to Reuters. Also search for “Green Tea Catechins warts” in google. Oxyfend is not a "home remedy for warts" 

          “In their study, Tatti’s team randomly assigned 502 adults with 2 to 30 warts to either sinecatechins ointment (15% or 10%) or inactive ointment for up to 16 weeks or until the warts cleared. In both sinecatechins groups, warts cleared completely in roughly 57% of patients compared to just 34% of subjects in the control group – a significant difference…..” Read the whole article at REUTERS.

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