What Methods Are Best for Treating Anal Genital Warts?

August 24 2014

Anal genital warts are a problem which affects approximately 50,000 people across the United States with another half 1 million new cases of HPV warts being reported every single year. The medical fraternity has determined that there is no cure available for this problem and people only have to rely upon temporary measures, which will treat the warts but not remove the HPV virus which is the primary cause for the infection.

This ultimately results in the warts reappearing even after individuals go through the entire treatment. However, reports that are published by the medical fraternity have concentrated on informing people about methods to treat the warts and not the HPV virus. This is perhaps the primary reason why the medical fraternity claims that no treatment is available for this condition.

Genital warts are a condition which has existed for centuries. And it comes  in approx. 100 different strains which can cause: warts on penis, genital warts in women, genital warts in men, anal genital warts etc...People in those days could have used some method to treat the condition and would even have found relief from the problem.

They would have used natural ingredients for this purpose and done so without the discomfort that is associated with medications that are available now. They would not only have managed to treat the warts but would also have made their body immune from a recurrence of the condition.

Today it is easy to find products like Oxyfend, which uses the same ingredients that were used centuries ago and makes it possible for people with this condition to treat themselves in a proper manner. The product is safe to use and causes no discomfort which people feel when they decide to take prescription medications.

If products like Oxyfend are available why do people decide to contact medical practitioners when it has been confirmed that they do not have any medication available to fight the HPV warts?

Let us look at some of the reasons why people choose to deal with the medical fraternity rather than depend upon products that are made from natural sources.

People generally tend to believe reports that are published by the scientific community which claims that they have discovered no medication, which can fight the HPV virus. Perhaps this sends a negative feeling among people who begin believing that they will have to live with the infection for the rest of their lives. They do not stop for a moment to consider that there are products made from natural sources, which can easily help them overcome this infection.

When people approach medical practitioners with complaints about genital warts symptoms, they are subjected to examinations and advised treatments, which can cause plenty of discomfort and leave behind scars and burns. This at a cost which is high and unaffordable by many.

A further problem which people face when using such methods is related to the recurrence of the genital warts in the areas that were treated. This practically means that people will have to obtain treatments repeatedly for the external condition without making any attempt to fight the virus which remains inside their body.

In such conditions would it not be advisable for people to think about using products like Oxyfend, which will prove as a better alternative to other types of medications?

Advances made by the medical fraternity and pharmaceutical companies have made people believe that they are the best sources to approach when faced with conditions of venereal warts.

While some cases of genital warts will need attention from medical practitioners along with the use of some types of treatments produced by pharmaceutical companies others will definitely be in a position to fight genital warts and the HPV virus on their own.

They will be able to do so without having to go through any kind of difficulty if they decide to use Oxyfend as a remedy. This is the only product available in the market which has that ability to fight both the warts that appear on the external parts of the body and the HPV virus which remains internally.

It has often been mentioned that over-the-counter medications which are available for the treatment of genital warts must not be used by people that are infected. A source as credible as the Mayo Clinic also subscribes to this view. The clinic is certainly not wrong in making a mention of such information.

However, it must also be brought to the notice of the general public that the medical fraternity has always sought to treat conditions and never made an attempt to treat the underlying causes which are the primary reasons for the external appearance of the warts.

Treatments available in the market and commonly prescribed by practitioners also depend upon similar theories and make no attempt to fight the HPV virus. The treatments prescribed a painful, costly and do not offer any guarantees of a complete recovery to the individual affected.

On the contrary, individuals will be told that they can expect a recurrence of genital warts at some time in the future. This is not really the case because natural ingredients which are being used by the manufacturers of Oxyfend are different in nature and make it possible for people to fight a dual battle without the anxiety that is involved with prescription medication.