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Oxy-Fend Zerowarts - (2 Tubes)

Oxy-Fend Zerowarts - (2 Tubes)

“There is Now a Totally Safe, Fast Acting & Natural Method for Controlling Herpes Outbreaks and Eradicating Genital Warts”

Scientifically proven bio-ingredients attack warts at their source… the virus itself.


Genital warts and herpes. These infectious skin outbreaks are notoriously difficult overcome. Seemingly appearing out of nowhere, they can last for weeks, months… or even far longer. They can also disappear, only to crop up again, and again, and again. And when they do appear, these eruptions end up shattering your social and sexual life in the process.


While it is as yet medically impossible to totally destroy the genital virus once it has become entrenched within the human cells, it is possible to eradicate the lesions, warts and outbreaks these viruses cause – and leaving the former sufferer symptom free for a greatly extended period of time.

Zerowarts has been scientifically formulated to directly and effectively address a wide range of venereal warts, including genital warts, anal warts, vaginal warts and HPV symptoms. Zerowarts is also specifically effective and active against herpes symptoms caused by HSV1 and HSV2, herpes simplex and genital herpes.

Zerowarts: Quick, Easy to Use, Discreet

By combining the strongest known natural antiviral ingredients – such as Catechins, Lysine and Manuka – and infusing them with Hydrogen Peroxide – Zerowarts creates an environment deadly to the continued growth of HPV and HSV virus.

Zerowarts cream is a potent topical genital warts formulation for directly attacking these viruses, sending them back into harmless dormancy. By quickly and deeply penetrating the skin, eruptions and lesions, Zerowarts eliminates those worrisome warts and fights genital herpes symptoms – quickly, easily and with expected long lasting results.

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Removes and Subdues Warts -
No Negative Side Effects

Anyone with genital warts immediately wants one thing – getting rid of those embarrassing outbreaks as quickly as possible. Warts are not only ugly, but they can itch and even bleed – making them all the more aggravating.

Plus, herpes and genital warts are in fact contagious. While they are active, you run the very real risk of infecting the very people you care for and love. Now that’s something you definitely want to avoid!

Zerowarts has been trusted by literally thousands of men and woman of all ages for effectively shrinking and eliminating the warts themselves – and preventing further outbreaks from happening.

If you wish, you can read more about these treatments for Genital Herpes in
World Health , Reuters , U.S. National Library of Science


Multiple Action Formulation

Zerowarts unleashes a three pronged attack on genital warts, genital herpes and herpes simplex – including herpes zoster, commonly known as those painful shingles.

  • Zerowarts works on the immediate symptoms – the genital warts, the burning, the itching, the blisters, the outbreaks… eradicating them as quickly and safely as possible.
  • The viruses themselves are addressed – sending them back into dormancy where they will do no more harm.
  • The proprietary blend of safe, natural botanicals and ingredients used in Zerowarts work with your immune system in keeping those genital warts and HPV and HSV viruses under control – and you symptom free!

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The Secret Behind Zerowarts

The remarkable results achieved from Zerowarts result from its proprietary and tested formulation.

Besides the powerful anti-virals mentioned above (catechins, lysine & manuka), Zerowarts combines them with these proven health-inducing ingredients:

  • Linoleic Acid - Acting as a carrier, this natural soothing, super-fine penetrating omega-6 fatty acid easily passes through the skin – taking the Zerowarts active ingredients deeper and faster into the infected areas.
  • Oxygen Peroxide – It’s the extra, highly reactive oxygen molecule in hydrogen peroxide that is so beneficial. Besides its unsurpassed cleaning and disinfecting properties, the extra oxygen molecules actually helps skin collagen production, avoiding the scars so common with wart outbreaks.
  • Vitamin A and E – These crucial nutrients are well known for promoting healing and tissue repair, while simultaneously helping to reduce irritation and outer skin scarring.

Early Detection & Treatment Is Seriously Important!

Yes, Zerowarts is effective no matter what stage your wart problem is in. But for the quickest possible relief, then it is vital the viral outbreak is caught as early-on as possible. In medical terms this is called the “prodrome” or the initial stages of infection when the virus is still weak, before the full blown viral storm hits.

What are the sensations of these herpes and genital warts prodrome? Here are some of the more common ones:

  • Itching
  • Tingling
  • Burning feeling
  • Sharp pains, or other unpleasant sensations
  • Feverish conditions
  • Headache
  • Tender lymph nodes

If you have had the herpes virus in the past and start noticing these symptoms, the virus may very well be gearing up for renewed activity. It’s at this point – when the virus is still relatively weak – that Zerowarts can work wonders.

You Are Not Alone!

The world respected Mayo Clinic estimates 50% of all sexually active men and women will eventually be infected by the HPV or HSV virus at some point in their lives.

Some sources go even further, with WebMD estimating 90% of the planet’s population are carriers of the HSV-1 and HSV-2 virus.

Zerowarts is the only product available for boosting your own natural immune defense system to act against the herpes virus – before it can start causing those ghastly warts and lesions.

Ultimately, You Have Only Three Choices:

  • Wait out the infection, hoping the warts and lesions will someday lessen or disappear, which by the way can take years…
  • Extinguish the wart lesions by burning, freezing or surgery, which can be extraordinarily painful, especially on the genitals or in the anus (and don’t be surprised if the warts return in the very same spots)…
  • Eradicate those genital warts with Zerowarts – destroying those ugly lesions and eruptions while boosting your body’s own natural immune system defenses – sending those genital warts and genital herpes viruses back into dormant oblivion where they belong.

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Zerowarts™ Guaranteed To Work On Your Genital Warts Problem, Or Your Money Back

60 Day Unconditional Return Guarantee

It’s all too easy to claim a product will work as promised. It’s quite another
backing up those promises with an iron-clad guarantee. Try Zerowarts for yourself. Apply as directed. You should begin to experience instant relief from most if not all of your genital warts and herpes outbreak symptoms.

As Zerowarts begins to work – fighting off the HPV and HSV virus, you’ll see those warts, lesions and sores rapidly reduce, fade and then… finally vanish.

Now of course, each person is different, and your genital warts, herpes zoster, cold sores or cankers may be more progressed or stubborn than others. In advanced cases, it may take up to 72 hours before relief is realized.

That’s why we have no hesitation at all in offering you this 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEE of complete satisfaction:

If for whatever reason Zerowarts hasn’t dramatically reduced or even totally eliminated your genital warts, herpes cold & canker sore problems – including herpes zoster, let us know within 60 days – 2 full months.

We’ll refund your money. No hassles. No quibbles. No delays.

All we ask is that you give Zerowarts an honest try.

Fair enough?

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The last thing you want is advertising your genital warts problem to the world.

When Zerowarts is shipped to your doorstep, rest assured your parcel will be nondescript and plain – with no marks, features or trade names that could attract curiosity or let anyone know what’s inside your package.

Your privacy, along with your health and well-being, are paramount to us.

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Zerowarts™ – Is It Right For You?

AT the very start of this page, we asked if Zerowarts was right for you. Zerowarts is a 100% pure, all natural formulation. It is not a drug, so you don’t need a prescription or doctor’s visit.

We believe in Zerowarts. If you are suffering from the stigma and
embarrassment of genital warts on your penis, on your anus, on your labia or
vaginal walls, or you want to be rid of those ugly, painful herpes sores on your
lips & mouth and in the case of shingles, on your back, we urge you to try
this powerful, safe product.

Even if you’re under a physician’s care for your genital warts or herpes outbreaks, ask your doctor about Zerowarts and our ingredients. They may well approve it as a supplement to your current therapy.

However, we do offer this advice: If you are pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant or breastfeeding, please make sure you consult with your primary care physician before you take any genital warts or herpes treatment or formulation – including ours. Likewise, if you are under 16 years of age, please consult with a health care or medical professional.

Order Zerowarts today and take control over your genital warts and herpes problems. It’s one decision you won’t regret making.

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